Programme Steering Committee

The THRUST Programme Steering Committee is making sure that leading edge education is provided in a reliable and efficient way such as to educate engineers in turbomachinery aerodynamics for facing today's and tomorrow's challenges. The steering commitee consists of the following members:

  • Prof. Torsten Fransson (KTH), Programme Coordinator
  • Mr. Nenad Glodic (KTH), Programme Director
  • Prof. Robert Kielb (Duke), Steering Committee Member
  • Prof. Panos Seferlis (AUTH), Steering Committee Member
  • Mr. Ludovic Noels (ULg), Steering Committee Member


"Welcome to THRUST! My name is Nenad Glodic and I am the THRUST Programme Director. It is my goal to make you feeling at home in this programme and to provide you with a fruitful and challenging learning experience. With our academic partners in the USA, Belgium and Greece we have a fantastic team together and it is our vision to make something extraordinary here. Together with you."