Partners THRUST Newsletter 2010-11

Dear THRUST partners,


I would like this opportunity to introduce the “THRUST Newsletter” as a new channel for spreading information in our new Master’s programme TurbomacHinery AeRomechanical UniverSity Training, in which we have you as a partner.

This is the first newsletter, after a little more than 2 months into the programme. The intention is to have this issued on a monthly basis.

Please also let me introduce myself: my name is Damian Vogt and I am the Programme Director of THRUST. Together with Torsten Fransson in the Coordination seat and Maria Mayorca as the Assistant Programme Director, we guide the THRUST vehicle comprising KTH, Duke University, Université de Liège and Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.


Status up to Now


In brief this happened up to now: the first intake of students has started studying in early September in their first term at KTH. We have a wonderful group of 23 highly motivated students from various parts of Europe and the rest of the world. These students have been selected from about 350 applicants that were seeking to the programme in late 2009.

The students have been following courses in Turbomachinery, Thermal Power Systems, Advanced Mechanical Vibrations and Aeromechanics. At present, they also get introduced to CFD and Measurement Techniques. As foreseen when drafting the programme, we have a portion of the teaching given by our academic partners over distance, which truly is a new experience for all involved.

From initially vague ideas of what turbomachinery aeromechanics signifies, the students are gradually getting a more concrete impression of the phenomena involved and the challenges associated. Guest lectures from some of the industry partners have greatly contributed to this and I will soon get in contact with you to make the partners’ involvement a well-integrated and inspiring aspect of the programme. Talking about inspiration, we had the chance to have had Prof Max Platzer at our place as a visiting professor, which provided a genuine inspiration to the students.

What happens next?


On Dec 17 we will end the first term of the THRUST programme. Thereafter the students will enjoy a 4 weeks Christmas break. In term 2, the focus will lie on Thermal turbomachinery, Unsteady Aerodynamics, FEM and the continuation of the Aeromechanics Project Course in which I want to have them performing simple aeromechanical experiments.

Around Easter, we plan to have a seminar weekend to which we intend to invite some industry partners.

During the summer break, we want to have all students doing an internship, either in industry or at one of the academic partners. I will soon get to you with more details. In the meantime you can already start thinking of possible tasks that you could have these students doing at your place during the summer.

Hot Spots


The application round for the 2011 intake is now running (Deadline Nov 30). Please feel free to inform potential students. Information about the programme is found on www.kth.se/thrust.

For those of you being active in social media, you can join the THRUST group on www.facebook.com/explorethrust.