THRUST and SELECT Grand Opening Ceremony


The Erasmus Mundus (EM) Master’s programmes are financed by the European Union (EU), and this includes course fees and scholarships for the students who are admitted to the programmes. The quality of such a Master’s programme is very high since several international universities share the curricula and examination so that the best of every university is added into the programme. In addition, the programmes are selected by the EU in sharp competition which even further guarantees high quality. Since the EU finances both the course fee and the scholarship for an admitted student, it is very prestigious to get selected. This will in conclusion guarantee high quality of prerequisites and study capacity among the selected students. This type of programme is also very important for us as a way to keep contact with our international students and partner universities, and also with the countries the students represent.



The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) has been very successful in establishing EM programmes with KTH as the main coordinator. In 2009 the EU selected seven EM Master’s programmes with Swedish universities as main coordinators. Five of these programmes are coordinated by KTH and two of these are specifically directed towards energy with the Department of Energy Technology as initiator, coordinator and accountable authority. Both programs started this autumn (2010) for the first time and their names are SELECT (Environomical Pathways for Sustainable Energy Systems) and THRUST (Turbomachinery Aeromechanics University Training). In addition to the EU financed study places (18 per programme which is standard for EM Master’s programmes), the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) - KIC InnoEnergy has decided to allot furthermore 24 scholarships with accompanying course fees to the EM programme SELECT. EIT considers the energy field to be one of the strategic educational areas to commit to for global sustainable development. These EM Master’s programmes will be open during at least five (5) years, and it is our hope that Your institution will be able to spread the information about the programmes to prospective students and that several students from different countries will be accepted over the years.


The Grand Opening Ceremony of the two new EM programmes, SELECT and THRUST, took place on Monday August 30, at 16:15 in lecture hall Q1. Representatives from EIT, co-operating universities and companies, ambassadors, the head of KTH, and the students enrolled in these programmes and other energy programmes at KTH, have been invited to participate. In total, about 150 participants were present.  Drinks and buffet were served after presentations by keynote speakers (in total one hour).


We hope that You had the possibility to participate at the Grand Opening Ceremony. In case you could not attend, you can follow the broadcasted event.



Catharina Erlich, Ph.D.
Coordinator Grand Opening Ceremony and Study Principle at the Department of Energy Technology, KTH
Torsten Fransson, professor
Educational Director, InnoEnergy - EIT ; Head of the Dep. of Energy Technology, KTH and Official coordinator of SELECT and THRUST